Solving Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Training Behavior Problems By Preventing Them Before They Start

A portuguese water dog puppy is sweet but it is a sweetness that can quickly sour if you don’t learn to control your pet, teach him rules and treat him like a dog.  Yes, the pup is a member of your family and should be treated with love, kindness and respect, but he needs to know his place and – more importantly – wants to know where he stands in the hierarchy of the pack.  A canine that does not know his position will seek leadership and this can create some serious problems.  Therefore, you need to prevent these issues before they start.

Here are ten pointers on how to teach your portuguese water dog puppy that you are the leader of the pack.

1.    Feed him after you eat, not before.  The alpha always eats first.  Also, never feed him from the table; this creates a begging dog.

2.    Always walk through doors before him.  You should always experience everything first.

3.    Do not make a fuss over the portuguese water dog puppy when you leave or return to your home.  This can not only lead to separation anxiety but he will begin to think his needs are more important to you than anything else.  Always wait 5 – 10 minutes before greeting him upon your return and never pay attention to him if he jumps up on you to deter jumping habits from forming.

4.    Do not allow your dog on any furniture, especially your bed.  Allowing him to sleep where you sleep makes him think he is on par with you and higher than other family members in your home.

5.    Don’t carry your little porutugese water dog puppy around or constantly hold him in your arms.  This will make him feel superior and he may become possessive of you.

6.    Socialize him with people of all ages and other animals.

7.    Provide him with obedience lessons and use positive, firm teachings in place of harsher methods.

8.    Exercise him daily.   The PWD has plenty of energy to burn and needs to burn it or he can become destructive.  Give him vigorous daily walks, teach him how to swim and play fetch both in and out of the water and let him romp around freely.  A happy dog is an obedient one.

9.    Introduce crate training.  Canines are den animals and love to have a secure place to call their own.  You can provide your pal with this comfort by giving him a crate.  The crate can help with housebreaking and keep him safe when you cannot watch him.   Moreover, your poochie should see it as security and not a place for punishment.

10.    Make sure every family member, dog sitter or anyone else who will be interacting or caring for your pet portuguese water dog puppy follows these above rules.