Portuguese water dog grooming is a necessary and natural part of owning one of theses canines.  It is a continuous task that must be completed on a regular basis to ensure the wellbeing of your animal.   Without proper hygienic care you put your pet at risk of many discomforts and bacterial infections that can become serious and lead to permanent damage.

The following are the fundamental tools you will require for portuguese water dog grooming:

•    Slicker brush
•    Steel comb
•    Good nail clippers (I.E. scissor or guillotine style, nail file, etc.)
•    Quality scissors
•    Shampoo made specially for dogs
•    Soft tooth brush and dog tooth paste

Portuguese water dog grooming can be split up into two categories, which are as follows:

1 – Coat care
The PWD has silky wavy or curly hair that requires a daily brushing and combing to prevent mats and remove knots.  Any tangles or mats that cannot be removed should be clipped out.  He should be brushed from the base of the neck towards the tail.  He should be bathed every month or two to keep the coat clean.  Bathing more frequently can cause the skin to dry out and generates problems.  As for hair clipping, he should be taken to the groomer every 6 weeks or so.  His hair may be kept short or long, it depends on the style you prefer.  However, the shorter style is easier to care for.

2 – General hygiene
Basic hygiene covers all the other factors of portuguese water dog grooming that is not related to the coat, such as:

•    Dental care – teeth should be brushed daily or every other day to prevent tartar build up, which can lead to plaque, tooth decay and gum disease.

•    Nail clippings – trim nails monthly being careful not to cut the quick.
•    Ears – Hair within the ears should be plucked every few weeks to help with air circulation and to prevent ear infections.

•    Eyes – Clear any wet or dried mucus/discharge from the eyes with a clean, damp, wash cloth.

When you make a habit of regularly engaging in portuguese water dog grooming you will not only begin to find the process a great time to bond with your pet, but you will also be able to spot problems quicker as you will be familiar with how he feels and looks when healthy.