Portuguese water dog puppies are avid chewers and will chew you out of house and home if you let them.  Worse still, their puppy chewing may not only be a short phase but can actually become a nasty habit if you don’t do something to correct the problem.  Therefore, if you don’t want to lose all of your precious items and spend a fortune in replacing everything from your furniture to your clothing, it’s time to show the little chomper what is acceptable and unacceptable chewing behavior.

However, before you can rectify the gnawing issue, you first need to determine why portuguese water dog puppies chew.  This is important because the reason behind the problem will give you insight on what the best course of action is for addressing it.

The following are reasons why portie puppies might chew:

•    Teething – Your pup is losing his baby teeth and his adult set is popping through his gums.  This can make his mouth very tender and sore and he will chew to help relieve the discomfort.  Teething begins around 4 – 5 months of age and can last for up to 6 months.  During this time you don’t want to deter you pooch from finding comfort.  Instead, provide him with plenty of soft and hard toys as well as chew toys you can freeze for soothing relief.

•    Curiosity – Portuguese water dog puppies experience and learn through taste and will put things in their mouth to explore.  While this is only natural, it is imperative that you let him know when something is off limits.  If you catch him chewing on something you don’t want him to have, immediately tell him “No!” and give him an acceptable item he can have instead.  When he accepts it praise him.  This will help him understand what is his and what isn’t.

•    Boredom – A dog that is left on his own for too long or who is in desperate need of attention or exercise will become dangerously bored and he’ll use his pent-up energy to unintentionally and purposely destroy that which doesn’t belong to him.   To keep him from becoming destructive, crate him when you cannot watch him and make sure you provide him with plenty of outdoor exercise and playtime.  Portuguese water dog puppies are high energy and they need to let it out.

•    Fear – A puppy who suffers from anxiety may chew because they are distressed or are seeking comfort.  If you catch your pooch chomping, do not only reprimand him and redirect his attention, pay close attention to the environment.  Is there a loud noise?  Are strangers visiting?  Is a baby crying?  Is there thunder?
Once you know what the problem is, you can then correct it accordingly; just remember that you can only reprimand portuguese water dog puppies if you catch them in the act.  Scolding a puppy after the fact is useless because they will not understand why they have upset you.  Finally, make sure your pal has plenty of dog-friendly chewing toys at his disposal, such as Nylabone, Kong, ropes, balls, plush toys and so on.