Should there ever come a time when you would like to adopt from a portuguese water dog rescue you need to be aware of the fact that the process of adoption isn’t as always fast or simple as everyone presumes.   There are rules and requirements that need to be met and the policies that apply to potential adopters may vary with different rescues.  Thus, you need to find out all of the details before making any false assumptions regarding adoption.

The following are common regulations and procedures that often apply to those who wish to adopt from portuguese water dog rescue organizations:

•    An application form must first be filled out.  Applications are often quite lengthy and will take some time to complete.  Furthermore, you should expect to be asked personal questions regarding your lifestyle, your experience with canines, your living conditions, etc.

•    A telephone interview as well as a visit to your home is a requirement.  A volunteer from the portuguese water dog rescue will want to assess your living situation and make sure it is suitable.  For instance, if you have a yard they will want to find out if it is securely fenced, etc.

•    Those wishing to obtain a rescue pooch as a pet are placed on a waiting list.  This is not a first-come-first-serve list.  Dogs are matched to potential owners through careful analyzing of the animal’s needs and issues and the person’s lifestyle and dog-experience.

•    There is a cost and the requested fee may vary depending on the age of the portie.  The price of adoption is essentially a donation and covers vet costs and the needs of the other portuguese water dog rescue pooches.

Above are only some of the policies you may encounter.  However, if this was not what you were anticipating, you need to research and find out more before assuming anything.   Nevertheless, always keep in mind that aside from adopting there are many ways you can help out any portuguese water dog rescue in need.  Volunteering your time and donating money or goods are all fantastic options for you to consider.