Portuguese water dog training can be very rewarding because an obedient canine is fun to take just about anywhere, is confident and content.  Moreover, a trained pooch knows his place in your pack and respects you as his leader, which means you can control his behavior, something that is very important if you want him to be a well liked member of society and you would like to have happy visitors enter your home.

While teaching basic obedience is a necessary part of every dog’s learning, portuguese water dog training must also focus on deterring certain unwanted behaviors that this energetic four-legged wonder is prone to, such as jumping up on people.

To prevent jumping, or if it has already become a problem, here are the steps you can take to improve upon the situation:

Step 1 – Do not make a fuss over your pooch when you come into the house.  The more excited he is, the more likely he will jump.  When you enter your home, be very calm and settle in before you give him any attention.  Therefore, take your shoes off, put your coat away, put the groceries down, etc. prior to greeting him.

Step 2 – If he jumps up to greet you, the first portuguese water dog training you should try is to turn your back to him.  Do not shove him down, step on his toes or stick up your knee to block him.  All of these actions can lead to injury and might make the situation worse, as he may feel more anxious to please you.   When he stops springing up tell him “good” and pet him.

Step 3 – Turning your back on him may only work a few times or may not work at all.  If this is the case, the next step is to redirect his energy from jumping to another task, such as fetching you a toy, or a command, such as Sit.    For example, as soon as you see him want to leap-up tell him to sit, when he does as you ask, immediately pet and praise him to let him know you are pleased.  Note: remember that whatever redirection you give your pal, it needs to be something he has already learned.

Step 4 – When you invite people over, remain consistent with portuguese water dog training and have him sit and wait before letting him approach them.  Make sure you tell your visitors to discourage and correct his leaping behavior by providing them with the right commands.  It is imperative the pooch is never allowed to jump on anyone, unless he is asked to do so (I.E. the command “up” is given), because if you do not address his unwanted actions every time, you will give him mixed signals and he will not learn.  Consistency is key.

Step 5 – If the instruction “Off” has been part of your portuguese water dog training, you can also use it to help you teach your buddy to remove himself from you or others if he has already jumped up.